Demonstrating towards World's No.1 Behavior Recognition AI Technology

Asilla, which specializes in security systems featuring state-of-the-art behavior recognition AI, has established a new research team focused on human science. The team, known as the Human Science AI Research Team (HSAR), was launched in February 2023 with the goal of enhancing AI technology even further. 

In this article, we interview Asilla’s CTO Mr. Masahiro Wakasa to discuss how the company's future research can benefit society through its products.

The objective is to establish a novel social infrastructure, leveraging the capabilities of behavior-aware AI to promote safety and security as a standard.

ー The utilization of research findings is indeed necessary to develop products that tackle various societal challenges faced by our customers. In which particular fields do you anticipate our expansion in the future?

Our central technology is behavior recognition, which is why our current product focus is on commercial facilities and office buildings where security is of utmost importance. Nonetheless, we believe our products have the potential to adapt to any location where human behavior plays a role, from a broader perspective.

Examples include not only commercial and office buildings but also factories, railways, hospitals, and care facilities. While our current target market is in Japan, we believe our products hold significant value wherever people exist. Therefore, we plan to expand globally beyond Japan in the future.

Our ultimate goal is to create comfortable, safe, and secure spaces wherever people are present. We firmly believe that our behavior recognition AI technology is crucial to achieving such a society, and we devote ourselves to ongoing research and development efforts.

ー What specific steps are being implemented to achieve this goal?

The Research Team emphasizes the importance of not only conducting research but also creating "useful technology that can be applied in the real world." To achieve this, we aim to establish a cycle where our research outcomes are integrated into products that are increasingly adopted in practical settings.

While this research team is relatively new, we anticipate new research findings by the end of this month. Depending on the results, we plan to incorporate them into our products as soon as possible. We are working diligently to realize our objectives within a short timeframe.

One of our goals is to expand the range of actions detected by our core behavior recognition AI. Currently, we focus on general movements but also conduct research to enable more precise detection of human-like actions.

As we strive to demonstrate "the world's leading technology," what are the new hurdles that Asilla is facing?

CTO Wakasa  delivering a speech at Show Stoppers Launchit CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

ー What are the HSAR team's objectives in the short- and long-term as they aim to connect research findings to products and create additional value?

Being a company that specializes in behavior recognition AI, we remain confident in our position as a leading entity in this field. Consequently, our research team's objective is to attain the top spot globally in behavior recognition technology.

We intend to substantiate our accomplishments by generating outcomes in the academic realm in the future. One of our goals is to publish the research findings of our team via peer reviewed papers, with the objective of gaining global recognition in the academic world for our technology.

ー What specific actions or steps are being taken to move forward?

At present, we are engaging in partnerships with universities to amass knowledge continuously. By the end of the year, our aim is to present several papers that will substantiate the value of our technology effectively.

We recognize that research papers hold tremendous sway, and they can attract more competent researchers. Moreover, from a business standpoint, publishing papers can enhance our company's reputation by highlighting our exceptional technology. Thus, we are planning to focus on publishing papers in the future, anticipating these advantages.

Profile of Masahiro Wakasa 

After completing his postgraduate studies at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he worked for JGC Corporation where he was involved in plant design IT work on overseas construction projects. He then joined Asilla Corporation, where he was in charge of proof-of-concept and product development projects related to behavior recognition AI, and became the company's executive officer and CTO in 2022. He continues to focus on product development using AI technology and research and development of new technologies.

"Human x AI Innovation" initiative strives to attain the world's leading action recognition AI technology.

Asilla is dedicated to the philosophy of "Technology Driven Future" and works on research and development every day to realize a world where everyone can live safely and securely. Our team is particularly driven to become the global leader in behavior recognition AI, and we work together to constantly advance and evolve our technology.

Moving forward, we will continue to push for the advancement of our behavior recognition AI technology and create an environment that inspires engineers to pursue their own careers and passions. If you share our interest in AI related to human behavior, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and create meaningful results.  

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