Why Human Science AI Research Team is Required - What is needed for the future of AI?

Asilla, which specializes in security systems featuring state-of-the-art behavior recognition AI, has established a new research team focused on human science. The team, known as the Human Science AI Research Team (HSAR), was launched in February 2023 with the goal of enhancing AI technology even further. 

In this article, we spoke to Asilla’s CTO Mr. Masahiro Wakasa, the founder of the team, concerning how HSAR research is related to societal applications.  

The catalyst was a client who was deemed "crucial for the future of AI."

Asilla Executive Officer CTO Mr. Masahiro Wakasa 

ー Asilla is a company that develops AI security systems, what made you decide to organize a HSAR team?

Since 2017, Asilla has been dedicated to developing behavior recognition AI and AI security systems from 2022. After introducing the system, customers reported that it was improving their crime prevention efforts. However, we also received a growing number of requests to analyze additional human behaviors. This led us to establish the HSAR team, an AI team specializing in human science. This team will help us better understand human nature, which is crucial for accurately assessing the nuanced movements of humans.

ー How did you discern, from the requests of your customers, that an 'understanding of humanity' was necessary to enhance the precision of AI?

To be frank, when we received the customer's request, we thought it would be a difficult task to accomplish, saying "you're talking about a very high bar to reach." However, we recognized the importance of working towards "preventing incidents and accidents and achieving a safe and secure world," which aligns with Asilla’s goals.
As I contemplated what was necessary to achieve this goal and what was missing, I came to the realization that our understanding of human behavior was still inadequate to accurately assess their nuanced movements. Thus, in order to enhance the precision of our AI, we needed to bolster our comprehension of human nature.
Consequently, we have established the HSAR team with the objective of conducting professional and scientific research on humans.

AI is a powerful tool that can shape the future.

Advancing product research with the R&D team

ー Through scientific analysis of humans, there is an expectation for further improvement in AI accuracy. However, while there are concerns about AI becoming "more human-like", what are your thoughts on this point?

Our perspective on AI is that it is simply a technological tool, similar to other software applications like spreadsheets or shopping apps. We do not believe that AI will replace humans.
Our goal is to use the tool to complement humans and improve the quality of our lives. The key is to determine how to use it in the most effective and beneficial way possible.

ー So, the positioning of AI is not to take something away from people, but rather to be 'AI for humans,' right?

Certainly. Our development of an AI security system does not intend to fully replace the role of security guards. We view AI as a technology that can enhance and complement human work, rather than a threat to it. Our goal is to create an "AI for people" that is user-friendly and closely integrated with human work. With this perspective in mind, we continue our research and development on a daily basis.

Profile of Masahiro Wakasa 

After completing his postgraduate studies at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he worked for JGC Corporation where he was involved in plant design IT work on overseas construction projects. He then joined Asilla Corporation, where he was in charge of proof-of-concept and product development projects related to behavior recognition AI, and became the company's executive officer and CTO in 2022. He continues to focus on product development using AI technology and research and development of new technologies.

"Human x AI Innovation" initiative strives to attain the world's leading action recognition AI technology.

Asilla is dedicated to the philosophy of "Technology Driven Future" and works on research and development every day to realize a world where everyone can live safely and securely. Our team is particularly driven to become the global leader in behavior recognition AI, and we work together to constantly advance and evolve our technology.

Moving forward, we will continue to push for the advancement of our behavior recognition AI technology and create an environment that inspires engineers to pursue their own careers and passions. If you share our interest in AI related to human behavior, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and create meaningful results.  

Queries Regarding HSAR: pr@asilla.jp Person in-charge: Wakasa

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