Mr. Wakasa is appointed as a new executive officer of ASILLA to expand the IVA business

Mr. Wakasa


Born in 1992. He received bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. After graduating, he joined JGC Corporation and worked as Plant IT Engineer. While working at JGC Corporation, he got interested in AI technologies and decided to join to Asilla Inc.
PMP, JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER 2020#1, TOEIC 990.

Wakasa's Comment

I joined Asilla Inc. in 2020 fascinated by the word of CEO Kimura, "Become the No.1 in the world ", and this time I will be appointed as an executive officer. Based experiences of work in Kuwait with diverse team and project management, I will lead the global team and promote the social implementation of human behavior recognition AI, and contribute to the world's No.1 human behavior recognition AI technology.

CEO Comment

He has been the most active of the year. I think this is a natural position, and I hope that he will continue to lead the global team and aim for heights. ASILLA evaluates achievements regardless of nationality or age, so high-potential human resources are gathered from all over the world. We would appreciate it if you could participate in Asilla and take on the challenge. ―― D.Kimura CEO@Asilla


・東京工業大学大学院 理工学研究科電気電子工学専攻修了 (平成30年度電気電子工学専攻 総代)



JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER 2020 #1, Project Management Professional (PMP), TOEIC 990




若狭氏は当社において、この一年で最も活躍した人物です。よって、このポジションへの就任は当然のことだと考えており、今後もグローバルチームをリードして、高みを目指して頂きたいと考えています。我々は国籍や年齢は関係なく、生み出した成果を評価していますので、ポテンシャルの高い人材が世界中から集まっています。ぜひ参画し、挑戦して頂ければ幸いです。――株式会社アジラ代表取締役 木村大介


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